Saturday, 2 January 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale

I figure I might as well kick this blog off with a Lush-related post.

So, on Boxing Day I got up before 9am, as all research on the sale in question pointed at it starting at that time. Worth noting as well that this was my first sale. I was unprepared for what occurred.

At 9am the website had not updated, then it started to crash. Repeatedly. I was IMing my sister on Facebook while refreshing over and over. Considering I've used tumblr since the dark days of tumblr blackouts back in 2010 I'm able to be patient with non-responsive websites. She wasn't so patient. Anyway, once it hit about 10:30am the website updated with the sale. I had the sale page in one tab, then opened any desired items in another. What then followed was repeatedly refreshing, and if my browser started loaded slowly the page would actually load. This had to be done every time I loaded a product page, added it to the basket and refreshed to check it had actually added. It took nearly an hour to actually get everything in the basket and checked out. Additionally the things I'd hoped to see in the sale (specifically the Under The Mistletoe gift set) were not available, so my careful plan including a budget went out the window.

Here are my spoils of war:

Christmas Bath Time Favourites gift set
Butterbear gift set
Snow Fairy's Castle gift set
Snow Fairy 500g
Five Gold Rings
Star Dust
Shoot For The Stars x4
Santa's Belly

Not pictured:
Snow Fairy 500g (Bought for my sister as they were sold out by the time she got on)
American Cream 250g (Non-sale item)
You've Been Mangoed (Non-sale item)

Subtotal: £133.37
Discount: -£67.56
Products total: £65.81
Standard Delivery: £3.29
VAT: £13.79
Total: £82.89

I did go a bit over budget, but in all honesty I'm alright with that since I ended up with an awful lot for my money. Hopefully I will be able to review a few things, many Christmas items do return again the next year so it shouldn't be pointless to do so. I'm especially excited because Snow Fairy's Castle includes a re-usable bubble bar wand, I'm really intrigued by this product type in general.

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