Weight Loss Goals

While I am actively measuring my weight in kilos I'm going to measure my reward goals in stones. Mostly because it's easier for me to set it as me getting a reward at 21, 20, and so on. Additionally since most people I know day to day measure weight in stones and pounds it's easier to explain face to face. The other thing to note is that my initial goal of 100kg (Approx 15 and a half stone) is to be reached by my wedding in May 2017, whereas my ultimate goal of 83kg (Approx 13 stone) is to be reached after that.

21 stone - Alchemy Gothic jewellery, specifically this and these.
20 stone - This pretty lipstick
19 stone - These cute shoes
18 stone - This bracelet
17 stone - Tali'zorah vest
16 stone - Nightmare Before Christmas pyjamas
15 stone - Book an entire day off work and pamper myself
14 stone - Shorter hair cut + dye it in an interesting way
13 stone - Weekend at Center Parcs!

There will also be mini-rewards for doing well. Things like face masks rewarding weeks where I get plenty of exercise.

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